Wholesale Ordering - Made Easy!


Let me help you KSRA with my line of lavish, eccentric & earnest stationery!


I was an owner of a small retail store for almost 9 years so I know some of the ins and outs of trying to make this easy for you to order! Further, I am a proud alum of Proof to Product's Paper Camp where I have honed in on all the backend so life is easier for all of us.  


Email me or use my contact form to send in your order - or call me!  I have a link to my Faire direct below, too.  I am in the midst, you might realize, of rebranding my entire line & setting up a new website.  Let's be honest, most of my *new* 2022 collection will be launched online after the *Noted Expo in San Franciso!  I will be launching Mirthos Paper officially to the world April 27-28th!  I do hope I will see you there in person!  If you are interested in a mailer, a catalog, an email of my catalog, or just knowing when you can see all of my new work - please email me or use the contact form here!  Here is my email address. 



Opening order $150

Reorders $90

MOQ of 6 per greeting card SKU

We do not accept returns, but we will absolutely replace any items damaged in transit.

We ship ASAP or per your future ship date.  ASAP is usually within 4 business days or sooner.  We promise to reach out if there is any delay.  

Greeting cards are A2, sleeved in an open cello with a euro flap envelope.


Specialty printed cards $3 each / $18 per 6

Flat printed cards $2.50 each / $15 per 6


I look forward to helping share joy, laughter, heartfelt greetings, and a little mischief with your customers and the people they love!  I applaud your good taste!