Wholesale Ordering - Made Easy!

Hello and thank you for considering my line of lavish, eccentric and earnest greeting cards for your store!  


I was an owner of a small retail store for almost 9 years so I know some of the ins and outs of trying to make this easy for you to order!  I was one to email orders direct or order through my reps.  Sometimes people called me and it was perfect timing when I was too busy to sit down to do the order, but I needed the merchandise!  I want to make all of these available to you - and more!  (PS: my sister took over the store so I could focus on my own creative endeavors, and YES, she was my first wholesale account!) 


Email me or use my contact form to request the wholesale portal password if you would like to order directly online.  This section of the site is set up with minimum order quantities already bundled for you.  You will see MOQs, terms, and everything you need once you're on the other side!  *Opening order is $150 & MOQ per sku is 6*


I'll need some information from you to get started, like your business website or social media just so I can verify you really are a store.  I'll need a resale number from you, too, of course, along with all the other contact infos!  


If you prefer to call or email, please do!  


Online orders here or on Faire are with a credit card.  


Opening orders do require a credit card.  I am happy to extend payment terms once you are established with my line.  


I look forward to helping share joy, laughter, heartfelt greetings, and a little mischief with your customers and the people they love!  I applaud your good taste!