I love Prime Numbers

I'm really figuring this out on the fly, right now!  Thanks for checking it out!


Today, June 22nd, as I found out immediately upon waking when I looked at my phone, is what is known as "Prime Day".  This is now a known phenomena put on by Amazon as their only sale of the year.  So.  What's wrong with this picture?  


I was immediately appalled that they didn't offer this sale and this branded event called Prime Day  ON A PRIME NUMBER day of the month.  There are MANY available within a month.  As a matter of fact, TOMORROW is the closest prime number.  23.  Easy.  Wait a day.  Go on brand and highlight math at the same time!  Show off that you're smart and you pay attention to details!  #missedopportunity 


This is the kind of lack of attention or caring for a significant (to me) detail that I am working to combat in the world!  I hope Amazon is incredibly embarrassed by this flub that my Insta post highlighted (with it's 8 likes, so anyway.... I'm building my platform to get my voice heard more everyday!)  They should be embarrassed!  They should host is tomorrow, too, with tons of Prime Number branding.  


If you find this post #amazon, I can help with your marketing.  You sell everyone everything, so you don't need a lot of marketing, but you've sure gone down a notch in my book by missing this.  You sell everyone everything, but you don't have such a great reputation out here where I hear people talk.  


This isn't a rant on Amazon in general, though.  It is specific to this Prime Day.  If you they want to use that name, they need to go with the almost TOO EASY branding move of hosting it on a prime number day (SMH!).  Who was in that brainstorming session at HQ on when and how to do this?  Two lab rats and a disgruntled warehouse person??  They bought a smile logo years ago, made some billions, then they fired the entire marketing department??  


I'm baffled.  Number are how you get to billions.  Billions IS a number.  Math is needed to scale to that level.  Don't dumb down the effort at this point.  I expect top notch contributions to our corporate cultural lexicon from a company of this scale.  


We are a consumerist society.  This is a huge part of societal reality.  Really.  And when they miss a detail - it's hard to swallow.  This is sort of a blip in the matrix but reversed.  Looking at details to this level is part of design.  It's how we become better as a society and a world.  This is how we start paying attention.  


Living with considerate, well planned, quality design makes an impact on all of us.  That means every product, home, environment, graphic, or sound.  All the made things in our world that my eyes and senses must reconcile.  I'm tired of letting mediocre slide - and it's just lazy from a company with the resources we know they have.  For all of us, though, I wish for the best design to surround us, as often as possible.  This doesn't mean just slick and modern "design" - we need chaos design and irreverent messy design and gleeful design and quiet design and introvert design and comfort design.  All of it.  


Design makes for smarter people, happier people, and a better world.  


This is a rough draft, first start to what may become a regular thing!  I have things to say!  

PS: there's a video on my instagram @hilarymeehan.artproducts where I did a time lapse of making that 23 mess!  

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