I'm Hilary Meehan - a designer and creative professional ready to help with your project.  I believe in the power of design, art & color to impact the world & our lives in a positive way.  Through my formative years, I recall aspiring to be a "Renaissance Woman" - and I will use that concept as reason for my widely varied skill sets & interests.  I have over 10 years of Architectural Design work under my belt, including furniture, store concept, residential, commercial, historic & contemporary renovation work.  My interest & strength is in the design & thematic concept work - therefore, I prefer Renovation & Interior Design projects these days.  Do feel free to ask me to design your New Build Home, too, of course!  If you want new, different, carefully considered, quality materials & fixtures, attention to detail, comfortable spaces & custom consideration that won't break the bank --- You are in the Right Place!  

And it's not just House Stuff!  I have many Creative Skills across the board!

Let me help you think, build & view the world from Outside the Box!  Follow your heart & that Wild Hair that you've always believed in!

Home Renovation at All Scales - Room & Space Reconfiguration, Design Ideas for Creative Space Use, Interior Design, Lighting Design, Color Consultation, Old Home or Recently Built -- Make it Yours!  

  • Sketches & Working Drawings
  • Coordination with Contractors or Consultants as Needed
  • Permit Processing as Needed

Interior Design - One Room or the Whole Place!

Let me help with the myriad of details when you change a space

I love MidCentury Modern, Industrial Chic, Retro, Bohemian & Color!

  • Material & Color Swatches
  • Fixture Selection / Sourcing
  • Art Arranging & Guidance
  • Furniture, Fabrics, Window Treatments
  • Appliances & Cabinetry
  • Installed or Outsourced Complete at your wish
  • Delicate Mixing of Retro, Historic & Contemporary Styles

Mosaic Tile Work 


  • Full or Partial Bathtub or Shower Installation & Design
  • Swimming Pools
  • Custom Designs on Wood - House Numbers, Family Name, etc.

Wedding & Event Maps - Customized to Your Location!

  • 18"x24" Original Art - Suitable for Framing
  • Scanned & Ready to Print for Guests
  • Includes Important Locations, Streets & Landmarks


Handwriting Services


  • Wedding & Event Announcements
  • Event Envelope Addressing 
  • Chalkboards or Menus
  • Logo Use 
  • Names (for embroidery, scanned for vinyl cutout, etc.)

Art Arranging, Hanging, Consultation

  •  Residential - Make your collection fresh again, highlight a prized piece, revamp for a party, color coordination OR tasteful incorporation of various works within your space
  • Commercial -- Sourcing & Hanging Corporate collections, Lobby, Entryway, Office & Conference Room Enhancement
  • Gallery/Retail -- Help for New Store Openings

Creative Consultation

  • Brainstorming Sessions for Any Topic or Field
  • Outside the Box guidance & mentoring
  • Spatial, Art or Idea
  • Need a New Thought or Path?  Call Me.  

Please use the Contact button to send me a message or call me to set up an appointment to discuss your needs