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I'm starting this off so that I will come back to it and spend some time with this idea.

I just googled "maximalist greeting cards" and not to my huge surprise, it was a mess of patterned things but not really "maximal" design.  You really get a sense of it in interior design and fashion.  And existentially, in our overloaded worlds.  

I happened upon a really nice article that delves into the philosophy of maximal vs minimal that I want to share - and remember for myself!  


Here's the link to the article....


I love texture and color and pattern and maximal design.  What I also love is juxtaposition and a sense of balance.  This is really important to how I work.  It's not "just a mess" but it is balanced and designed to a point that my psyche and heart and eyes claim it be in a homeostasis.  Bold colors need a larger field of white or black to balance them.  Wild patterns need a dry, crisp, bold message.  Nothing fussy on top of an already busy and loud image.  This is how I work on the designs that I produce.  Sometimes I really have to listen to what the image needs.  


When I call my art "messes", I mean it in the way that life itself is a mess sometimes, but it's lovely and special and tragic and disappointing and exquisite and poetic.


It seems I've got a pretty good internal clock for a monthly blog post so far!  Ha!  I'll try to add more of these, more often, to introduce you to more of what I'm about and what I offer - and why!  

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