Hi!  I'm Hilary!


I'm an artist.  I'm a designer.  I'm a poet, really, even though I'm just now exploring this creative outlet for myself.  I believe in creativity & dreams & shaping the world as each of wants to see it *(so long as that dream is making the world a better place or doing no harm unto others in the process).  I have no control over whether your dreams do no harm or make things better, of course - and you are by all means free to pursue those anyway.  I simply mean by this statement that I do not believe or promote such a path.  


I keep making things & I keep learning things & I keep searching for what beauty means to me.  I keep feeling.  I keep failing but also moving forward.  There's no forward without a few fails.  I keep trying.  I keep healing my own gently fierce spirit so that I have more fun and more connection in the world.  


I love to play & discover & surprise myself.  I have strong trust in my creative ways.  I also have ticklish doubt about talking art to death instead of feeling it.  I like to feel it.  


I'm turning this page back into my art page!  So I will have to post some new art soon!  

I am the founder of Mirthos Paper, a lavish, eccentric & earnest stationery line.  That is another of my creative pursuits.  Please do check out Mirthos, too!  

greeting cards, luxury, novelty cards, art cards
Me & my brother in Key West years ago!