Hi - I'm Hilary!

Yes, I am starting a new company during a pandemic, after being laid off, while I move!  


This year has shown me how important it is to do what I really love - and to make the world a better place by doing so.  The people I love and the community of makers that I know are so special to me.  

I hope to bring fun, beautiful, and heartfelt work into the world so that You can share that with the people You know and love.


My line is starting with an earnestness that I feel this year needs.  If you know me, you know there will be more humor to come.

I'm a very enthusiastic person with lots of things I love.  A few include real live mail, really nice paper, rich colors and glam sparkle, and then soufflé, too, of course.  I always love genuine and respectful connection and community with all the amazing people on our earth.  

Art, yes, I love art!  I love to make a mess, and to surprise myself with it.  I love to figure out what I'm making as I make it.  

That said, I also love design!  I love contrast in textures, scales, colors, tone of voice.  


Am I losing you?  Not to worry!  You don't have to know what it is or why it is - but if you love it, too, now you can send special notes with all the lavish, glam, wacky, sincerity that I offer here!  I sure hope you and your lucky friends and family love it!  

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Fun Placeholder, Huh?!