Hi - I'm Hilary!


I am the founder and artist at the helm of Hilary Meehan Art Products Co.


We believe that art is the product of a life well lived.  Cards are the jewelry of the mailbox, the party, the refrigerator door, or your desk.  Surprise and hand written messages are luxuries we can easily share to cheer on and uplift the people we love.  We put our exuberance into quality materials and sincere greetings so that you can share it, too!  We think greeting cards are the perfect place to be playful, beautiful, and have some fun with tradition.


Last year, well. let's not dwell on that, I was one of the laid off masses hunkering down in my home.  Luckily, I have a plethora of art supplies always at hand.  Trying to make ART was just too heavy, so I made a mess.  And I loved it.  I added some foil because I'm like that.  And I started mailing them.  And that's how this line got started!


I have paired my own hand painted, hand printed, hand drawn artwork and some digital wizardry to bring you these lavish, eccentric, and earnest greeting cards.  

I hope they can bring delight to you and your loved ones!  


We believe in using the good china everyday, but make it stationery - we invite you to join us!  


greeting cards, luxury, novelty cards, art cards
Me & my brother in Key West years ago!