Magic maker, Joy infuser, Color Wrangler, Bold Line Thrower

Enjoy this collection of past art & design projects -- a sampling of what I've done & what I continue to do

New work will be added as it comes about


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An Architect, An Artist, A Maker, A Performer


Let me share my talents to help you with your project or infuse your gallery or museum with a fantastic collection of drawings, murals & installations - Guaranteed Not to be Boring


I believe in the power of design to make the world a better place

Drawing copyright Hilary Meehan - Goose with Heart Caught in it's Throat

Creative Professional & Promoter of taking Play Seriously


I am the Visual Artist Hilary Meehan -- The Author is a Different Hilary Meehan but we Know Of Each Other

Why, I've sometimes believed up to 10 impossible things before breakfast!