Lavish, Eccentric, and Earnest Greeting Cards

Horizontal A2 greeting card with brush mark texture image in neon pink with edgy hand written Magnificent over the neon in hand stamped gold foil
The wildest royal way to send congrats! Neon and gold foil together at last!
Thermography greeting card that reads "the world needs all of your wild & free spirit" - Finalist for Noted at *Noted competition!
This baby is a Finalist in the 2022 Noted at *Noted competition! Thank you, Judges!
Thermography on thick cotton paper with an earnest monster dog dragon yawning or roaring gently with fangs and eyes closed, holding a delicate tiny flower in their paw.  A cry of quiet desperation and fierce determination and lots of exhaustion with grace
I'm yawning while I'm roaring & I'm fierce but I'm gentle & I love you & life is such a messy delight
Metallic ink greeting card with a large pink bow and frilly drawings adorning the edges - text reads "you are amazing"
This new design features metallic ink which we are happy to report is GORGEOUS, not garish!
A neon printed card with hand drawn text that says I love you in black in the middle, surrounded by scrolling line work frills and loops and flourishes in black with a white edge around it

An honest, earnest message from our Founder & AIR, Hilary Meehan:


I must ask for your patience & understanding while I am in the midst of preparing the official worldwide launch of Mirthos Paper at the 2022 *Noted Expo in San Francisco. 


**** Hello everyone!!! I am home from San Fran, it was an amazing show!  Thank you to my new retail partners for placing orders at the show - and thank you to everyone who showed support & encouragement for my line!  I hope to hear from a few others who expressed interest in ordering when you're home, too.  I'm ready to ship & get this wild ride into your customer's hands!  I got to meet so many amazing fellow makers & industry leaders - it was exhausting and I can hardly wait for the next one!  *****

**** There is a team building a brand new website for Mirthos behind the scenes right now!!  I am working to update this one in the meantime, and updating my Faire wholesale, too.  It is happening - thanks for stopping by.  Check my instagram for updates or sign up to my newletter to get alerted officially when everything is updated!*****


Bear with me here so that I may bring forth this new collection with its' best foot forward.  Many, many things are happening in our (let's be clear) one lady queendom studio right now.  I am utterly tickled with how it's turning out, too!  What you will find are reinvented versions of some of my initial, wild collection (and most of my initial lovelies that are currently what you see on this site).  You will see more of my drawings that speak a language all of their own.  I've upped the paper feel so they have a more satisfying tactility and I've added colorful envelopes.  Black & white have always been a favorite of mine and they balance out colors SO NICELY, right?  Yes.  Encouraging messages, earnest decrees, ways to stay connected with a flourish & a smile.  Don't worry, we've found a new and gorgeous way to include color, of course!  


I have a new instagram page for Mirthos Paper - the link is at the bottom of the page and Right Here, too!  This is a great spot to see new work and follow along as I attend the trade show.  


In addition to being an exhibitor at *Noted, I have been awarded a scholarship to pitch my line in the Meet New Makers category.  This is an amazing opportunity to speak to major industry professionals about my line and my story.  I love honing in on my brand story and this will keep me on my toes!  By the way, I wrote a new "about me" statement for Mirthos - check it out here!  


Let me also add that in the midst of new designs & getting show ready & pitch ready, it has just been announced that one of my new designs is a Finalist in the Noted@*Noted awards that are part of the show!!  What a huge honor to be nominated - the judges are complete rock stars of the stationery world!!  I'm thrilled to have my work in front of their eyes!!  


I have a team helping me build a new website for Mirthos and I will be frank here - it will probably go live AFTER the Noted show.  I hope we can get something going before that but I cannot guarantee it!  Real talk from a small business owner!  This is just a minor setback because my line and my vision has evolved into a luscious place for future growth & new products.  Indeed, my studio is set up for efficient packing & I adore customer service!  I'll be back to serve & sell as soon as I get this new launch bundled up for us!  


Love you - miss you - you're gorgeous - we need ALL of your wild & free spirit, my friends!  See you in San Fran!  

XO - Hilary